Welcome to Duckett & Jeffreys, a multi-space studio gallery and home of the Touring Caravan and online shop. Yorkshire based, in Staithes and Sledmere and exhibiting further afield in our 1960′s vintage Sprite Touring Caravan Gallery.


Find us at the Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage where we will be at Sunnyside, High Barrass with PRINT 3 14th & 15th Sept 10am - 5pm

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Congratulations to Dr Helen Sear who recently was awarded a Creative Wales Major Award from the Arts Council of Wales. The awards support a period, enabling artists to take time to experiment, innovate, and take forward their work. The awards also aim to develop excellence by offering a period of research and development to some of Wales’ most interesting artists.
Inseparable, an exhibition featuring Helen’s Tale and Rice Field works opens at Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery on 23rd Feb and runs until 2nd April. Helen will be at the gallery to talk about her work on 11th March 7pm - 9pm

Monday, 7 February 2011

Nestling Wings

‎'I focus on subtle generalities, common intimacies, and general valid truths, as: love, longing, death, hope-- which will never become over-used subjects, because they are eternally embedded in human nature and we will always identify with them.' Ingrid Blixt

So excited to be presenting Ingrid's beautiful photography and mixed media works. Can be found nestling in DJ Selections in Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

IMBOLC installation shines light on QUICKENING at Duckett and Jeffreys

A big thanks to Maria Silmon for lighting up Duckett and Jeffreys and for all of the lovely people who came along and celebrated Imbolc with us. Spring is around the corner.

‘Quickening’, currently on show at Duckett & Jeffreys Gallery is  a collaboration between Farndale digital artist, Maria Silmon, sculpture duo Susan Laughton and Ian Turnock, aka Second Nature.

All three artists share a common love of the natural world from which they draw inspiration for their work, and Maria’s video piece responds to the forms and surface textures of Second Natures sculptures.


Maria's installation is inspired by the time of Imbolc which falls around the beginning of February each year. Imbolc is one of the ancient solar festivals, also celebrated in the Christian calendar as Candlemass, which heralds the ‘return of the light’ and welcomes the new energies of spring as in the ‘quickening’ of life force in seeds beneath the frozen earth and the return of sap rising in the trees after their winter dormancy.