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Saturday, 26 November 2011

RESPONSE - Jamie Barbor

Paintings, Prints and Drawings.

All hung and preview enjoyed - show continues until 31st Dec

Weds - Sat 11am - 4pm
We can be flexible - just give us a ring on 01377 236008 if you would like to view outside of these hours

The work explores a person jostling with contemporary ideals and thoughts, figuring out its own reason and purpose. The figures and forms created not only explore the given surrounding they exist in but also confront the lineage of painting that investigates the boundary between figuration and abstraction. Underpinning this is a reflection on how restless the state of society is.   

When finished the imagery makes its own sense or reason for existence. This reason provokes so much excitement and demands energy and time from the viewer posing the question of the hold iconography has on us now and in history. This highlights the importance of the relationship between artist and medium and the role ‘response’ has in creating art. The medium in many ways is using the artist to develop as it seems fit.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Departure of the Domestic

We have so enjoyed hosting Lewis Robinson's 'Redefining the Domestic' and will be sorry to see it go on Sunday. Wood, and in this instance furniture holds such emotion and memory, Lewis works with this but at the same time addresses the concerns of art history itself and manages to have some fun with it.